Alex Mwakideu declares interest in 2027 General Elections

Alex Mwakideu declares interest in 2027 General Elections

Veteran Kenyan radio presenter Alex Mwakideu has now announced that he will be on the ballot paper during the 2027 General Election.

Speaking during an interview with Radio47’s Hassan Mwana Wa Ali on Saturday morning, Mwakideu said that he wanted to vie for a parliamentary seat during the 2022 General Election but he was not financially ready.

“My political journey is on and my friend Jalang’o (Lang’ata MP) keeps on questioning me why I didn’t vie during the 2022 General Election. He’s been telling me that if I don’t vie in 2027, I should forget about politics.

“Last year I wasn’t quite ready and I don’t like to do things when I’m not ready. Politics in Kenya needs money and I wasn’t financially ready by then. As per 2027, I will start preparing myself on time so that when it gets there, I will have the financial muscles required in the ballot,” Mwakideu said.

The celebrated breakfast show presenter further has also confirmed his departure from MediaMax-owned Milele FM saying money wasn’t the reason behind his exit.

“We entered into a Gentlemen’s agreement with the management and agreed to part ways. The management tried to convince me to stay but after five years there, I had already made up my mind and it was time for a new challenge and new adventures in my life,” he adds.

However, the well-respected radio presenter with a wealth of experience has said he will be ready to jump on any opportunity in the media industry if offered a ‘Saudi Arabia’ like deal.

“I am not living broadcast journalism. This is my life and I think I still have more to offer in the media industry. If a Saudi Arabia offer comes calling, even my wife will chase me out to go and get the bag for the family,” he said.

Saudi Arabia has in the recent weeks been associated with big money transfers especially for football players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar.

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