Police Arrest Bishop over Death of Female Evangelist at his Church

Police Arrest Bishop over Death of Female Evangelist at his Church

Police on August 18, confirmed the arrest of Bishop Timothy Otu, the General Overseer of the Agape Evangelical Ministry in Abia State, Nigeria over the death of a female evangelist at his church.

The security officers also confirmed launching investigations into the death of the female evangelist, who died while in the company of her church leader, Bishop Timothy Otu in a hotel room.

According to the police report, Bishop Otu checked into a hotel room with a 43-year-old woman Mrs. Happiness Echieze, whose body was later discovered in the room.

Ms. Echieze was a resident of Isialangwa Local Government Area in Abia State, Nigeria.  

Reliable sources revealed to the police that the Bishop who hails from Ugep, Cross River State, entered the guest house with Mrs Echezie, who was his lover despite being an Evangelist in his church.

Upon further investigations, police discovered that Ms. Happiness Echezie was a mother of three children, whose husband hails from Bayelsa State.

An employee at the hotel where the incident happened, told the police that when he was checking the guest rooms at around midnight, he found the naked body of the woman but the bishop was missing.

“She was found unclothed, and a white substance was emanating from her mouth and nose. Regrettably, the clergyman was absent from the scene,” police noted in a statement.

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