Alliwah David: the mentor behind Jalang’o and Lynn Ngugi’s rise to stardom

Alliwah David: the mentor behind Jalang’o and Lynn Ngugi’s rise to stardom

Alliwah David, singer and theatre legend, isn’t just a name in the limelight.

He is a mentor who’s spawned stars across different industries.

From performing school literature classics, Alliwah David rose to become the CEO of Theatrix Crew, a theatrical powerhouse.

Alliwah David spilled the beans on his journey.

Interestingly, he reminisced about the days he shared a slum shack with none other than Jalang’o.

The man who arguably became a creative giant.

Further, he said, Jalang’o’s dedication to art was unwavering, even if it meant walking from Kasarani to our rehearsal digs in Uhuru Park.

Humble beginnings

At one point, they were roommates in Mugomoini, hustling together to make it in the unforgiving world of showbiz.

Currently known as ‘Mr. Prosecutor’ in ‘Vioja Mahakamani,’ proudly boasts the impressive roster of talent he has nurtured.

Alliwah David and Jalang’o.

Generally, he claimed to have mentored reporter Hassan Mugambi, and actor Nick Kwach.

Alongside comedian Sammy Kioko, Martin Githinji, and the content sensation, Jacky Vike.

Rising stars

Despite, starting his artistic journey in 2004, Alliwah passionately advocates for using platforms to create a positive impact.

Nonetheless, He applauded stars like Lynne Ngugi, a YouTuber who emerged from his creative hub.

Aliwah strongly believes Lynn uses her influence to inspire and educate.

Alliwah has made his mark

Greater future

Not only does Alliwah shine as ‘Mr. Prosecutor’ in ‘Vioja Mahakamani,’ he’s also left his mark on various shows, including the beloved ‘Celina.’

Reflecting on his role, he acknowledges the immense challenge of filling the shoes of the late Gibson Gathu.

who portrayed the character for over three remarkable decades.

Alliwah the mentor

In the dazzling world of entertainment, Alliwah David isn’t just a name; he’s a guiding light, a mentor, and a testament to the power of dedication and mentorship.

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