Autopsy reveals cause of Brian Chira’s death

Autopsy reveals cause of Brian Chira’s death

An autopsy result has revealed the cause of TikToker Brian Chira’s death.

The results, carried out at City Mortuary and disclosed by fellow TikToker Baba Talisha, show that Chira’s lungs, heart and kidney were raptured.

Baba Talisha rued that many content creators had taken advantage of Chira’s death to create content, while spreading malicious lies in the process.

“It is very unfortunate wasee wana drag hii story sana… I have seen many people saying he [Brian Chira] was killed…Watu wameunda content because of Brian Chira’s death,” Baba Talisha said.

The content creator added: “Postmortem says that Chira had multiple organ injuries, blunt head trauma…Meaning it was a traffic road accident. Vitu nimeona kwa social media nimeachia mungu. Sipendangi watu kugombana, kutusiana na kuongea vitu haziko…I’m feeling very sad for the family. TikTok family mmesaidia lakini stop talking too much.”

Otile Brown

Meanwhile, Kenyan musician Otile Brown (real name Jacob Obunga) dismissed allegations that he performed at Chira’s burial for online attention.

Brown performed one of his songs ‘One Call’ which was reportedly Chira’s favourite from his vast collection.

Speaking in a local interview after the emotional send off, the musician disclosed that he was more or less a stranger to the late TikToker.

“What does my album have to do with the deceased? If you know me, I’m just showing nothing but love at the end of the day.

“I don’t even know him personally because the attention was brought to me by the fans when I was doing a live with a Tanzanian blogger when people insisted that I should sing the song,” he explained.

Chira was laid to rest at his family home in Githunguri, Kiambu County on Tuesday, March 26 in an event that attracted hundreds of social media users as well as leaders.

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