Bishop explains why his church changes planes like bicycles ‘God’s blessings’

Bishop explains why his church changes planes like bicycles ‘God’s blessings’

Bishop David Oyedepo, founder of Living Faith Church has revealed the reason behind his church’s success.

Oyedepo conveyed that, thanks to God’s blessings, his church is able to change planes like bicycles.

Bishop David Oyedepo, in a private jet. Photo Courtesy MEDIA JINDA

During one of his sermons, he recounted that when God initially revealed to him that he would soar to new heights. He and his congregation never went after God’s blessing with human energy.

“God told us we are going to fly, if He left us to plan to fly, it won’t enter our budget in the next 10 years.

“We are just changing planes like we change bicycles because His blessings make us rich and add no sorrow.

 “We didn’t confess, we didn’t pray, pray for a plane to do what?

“They asked me, which kind of plane and I said any kind. “I don’t know the name of any because I wasn’t shopping for it.”

Bishop David Oyedepo in church

Oyedepo stated that while some individuals fervently prayed for planes, he emphasized that even if they managed to obtain one, it would be wiser to sell it promptly.

He explained that due to the inevitable monthly expenses, one might find themselves asking why they got it in the first place.

However, he highlighted the significance of timing, noting that when the right moment arrives, success will follow suit.

Regarding tithing, the bishop says, that John D. Rockefeller practised tithing, which ultimately led him to become the first American billionaire in history.

“People don’t experience a scarcity of what they give, but rather of what they hold onto. Rockefeller was shaped by tithing—from its cultivation to its continuous support.”

Oyedepo amasses a net worth exceeding $150 million and is acknowledged as the wealthiest pastor in Nigeria.

He possesses a fleet of four jets, among them a Gulfstream V valued at $30 million.

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