Stivo Simple Boy declares himself king of hip-hop

Stivo Simple Boy declares himself king of hip-hop

Kenya’s rap sensation, Stephen Otieno Adera, widely known as Stivo Simple Boy, has boldly declared himself the hip-hop king alongside his fellow compatriot, Khaligraph Jones.

In an interview with YouTuber Eve Mungai, Simple Boy also asserted that he holds a unique position in the realm of hip-hop music, with Khaligraph being the only other artist in his league.

“Khaligraph and I reign as the Kings of Hip Hop. Therefore, I urge people to bring their children to us, as we are the masters of lyrical artistry,” stated Simple Boy.

Khaligraph Jones (pictured) started the feud between Tanzanian and Kenyan rappers. [Photo/Courtesy].

At 33 years old, he has also stepped into the ongoing rivalry between Kenyan and Tanzanian hip-hop artists—an exchange of verbal jabs that was initiated by Khaligraph a few days prior.

Stivo didn’t hold back in his critique of Tanzanian rappers, considering them newcomers to the game, not on par with their Kenyan counterparts. He made an exception for one Tanzanian rapper, the renowned Professor Jay, whom he acknowledged as his worthy contender.

“Tanzanians should take it easy. The hip-hop scene in Tanzania is still in its infancy. Professor Jay is the only one who can match my prowess in rap,” he confidently expressed.

Simple Boy says Professor Jay (pictured) is the only Tanzanian artiste who can beat him in a rap battle. [Photo/Courtesy].

Simple Boy challenges Tanzanian artists to a rap battle

Last week, amidst the escalating feud, the artist behind the hit track “Tuheshimu Ndoa” criticized Tanzanian rappers for daring to challenge Khaligraph Jones.

Stivo issued an audacious challenge to the Tanzanian artists, inviting them to engage in a rap battle, certain that he would outshine them with his lyrical prowess even before they could seek a confrontation with Khaligraph.

“I’ve heard about your conflict with us Kenyan rappers. Before you confront the legendary Khaligraph Jones the OG, swing by my location so that I give you a taste of my black fists,” Stivo told Tanzanian rappers.

Stivo Simple Boy in his artistic attire during the shoot of his hit song ‘Tuheshimu Ndoa’. [Photo/Courtesy].

Stivo says his “Freshi Barida” juice is ready for launch

A couple of days ago Stivo has ignited a wave of excitement among his fans after disclosing that his highly anticipated juice brand is now a reality.

The artiste who has been a recurrent figure in the headlines for various reasons, announced that his “Freshi Barida” juice will imminently grace the store shelves.

“The time for the launch has come now. Whom would you like us to invite to the launch of our juice brand?” Simple Boy posed.

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