Celestine Ndinda cruises in her new Range Rover

Celestine Ndinda cruises in her new Range Rover

In an awe-inspiring moment of victory, Kenyan content creator Celestine ‘Wakavinye’ Ndinda.

She has finally turned her dream into reality, becoming the proud owner of a Range Rover Evoque.

Celestine Ndinda
Celestine Ndinda and her hubby Ngujush

Overflowing with excitement, Wakavinye couldn’t contain her joy, and she rushed to Instagram to share her monumental achievement with her loyal followers.

Her Instagram post was a cascade of emotions, blending exhilaration and profound gratitude. She wrote, “Well done Celestine🙌🏾.

I deserve this and so much more! Thank you, God, for this dream that is now a reality.”

Celestine Ndinda just bought a new car

This announcement unleashed a tidal wave of congratulations and well-wishes from her adoring fans and friends.

Among the well-wishers, her loving husband, Timothy Kimani, known fondly as Njugush, stood out.

Njugush, in a heartfelt message, paid tribute to the sacrifices and unwavering dedication that had paved the way for this extraordinary accomplishment.

He conveyed, “Well in cele Wa Githú. For all your sacrifices and hard work. Well in! Usiwahi sahau huyu Mungu!”

Notably, the power couple has been on a winning streak this year, with their widely acclaimed ‘Through Thick and Thin’.

Their show captivated audiences not only in Kenya but also across borders, making waves in Australia and the United Kingdom.

It’s important to mention that Njugush, Wakavinye’s better half, is a renowned figure himself, and currently cruises around in a sleek Toyota Prado, marking yet another chapter in their incredible journey of success and achievement.

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