Christina Shusho: Gospel singer praises Diamond Platnumz’s coffin stunt

Christina Shusho: Gospel singer praises Diamond Platnumz’s coffin stunt

Tanzanian gospel sensation Christina Shusho has commended Bongo Flava superstar Diamond Platnumz for his out-of-the-box stage entrance that raised eyebrows—emerging from a coffin.

Shusho, currently making waves in Kenya, shared her thoughts during interviews.

Christina SHusho
Christina Shusho praised the mega star’s creativity

Initially, when probed about her take on Diamond’s dramatic entrance, she admitted she hadn’t been closely following the incident.

But that didn’t deter her from praising Tanzania’s music scene and its trailblazing artists. With gusto, she voiced her unwavering support for their creative ventures, particularly in the music realm.

“I haven’t been keen because I was a little bit busy. However, I respect the Tanzanian music industry for they are creative. I agree with them in anything they do as long as it’s creativity,” Shusho declared, applauding their innovation.

Some persistent bloggers prodded further, insinuating that Diamond’s antics could be seen as endorsing demonic themes.

Christina Shusho, ever diplomatic, hinted that she might delve into the matter later, leaving the door open for future discussions.

Shifting gears, Shusho weighed in on the challenges and gaps within Kenya’s gospel industry.

Inquisitive about potential issues, she responded by highlighting her belief that there’s nothing fundamentally amiss in the Kenyan gospel scene.

She emphasized that fluctuations and challenges are a natural part of human progress.

According to her, Kenyans might perceive current industry issues as significant, but these hurdles could be temporary, influenced by various factors, including timing and evolving dynamics.

Christina Shusho’s unwavering support for creativity and innovation in music, along with her pragmatic perspective on challenges within the Kenyan gospel industry, reflects her dedication to the growth and vibrancy of East African music, making her a prominent voice in the region’s music landscape.

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