Comedian Nasara responds to the ‘Queen of the streets’

Comedian Nasara responds to the ‘Queen of the streets’

Infamously dubbed ‘queen of the streets’ Shakilla, is not new to controversy. She is controversial.

Shakilla recently hit out at fellow women about age and how to best establish oneself early in life. According to her, a woman is done after 28 years.

Socialite Shakilla / Source: Instagram

-Nasra shoots back-

Comedian Nasra has fired back correcting the Kenyan socialite on her view.

Nasra, guns blazing disagreed with Shakilla’s view on women and their worth. 

The comedian expressed that the only women affected were those who relied on their beauty and appeal to get things done.

Nasra expressed “I think this only applies to women that use their femininity and their bodies to make it in life”

She highlighted women who are far beyond 30 years old and are still relevant and have worth.

Beyonce is 4i, Is she done??? Rihanna Is 35, Is she done??? Oprah Winfrey is 69, Is she done??

They may not be as energetic as they were before but they’re certainly not done! Let’s stop misleading women and giving them unnecessary pressure!!” She said.

Beyonce (Left) Rihanna (center) Oprah (Right)

Consequently, Nasra went on to state that if the women she had shared examples of agreed with Shakilla, then she would consider her advice. 

Furthermore, she went on ahead to take a jab at the socialite insinuating that all she had to give was sex appeal.

Mimi hao nimelist hapo wakikuja Leo waseme as a woman by 3o you’re done, I swear I will listen to them and I will consider myself a failure.

But not people that have nothing more to offer than sex appeal,”

Moreover, in the age of “blessers,” and “sponsors”  Nasra highlighted that the message was for a selected few.

Next time mkiadvice watu, just be specific, stop communicating with all women when the msg is for a selected few Weuh msitupee stress na sisi hatuna wanaume wa kufund lifestyle yetu jameni,

-Shakilla’s Hitlist-

Shakilla has been on a rampage calling out other socialites in the Kenyans scene. One such socialite is Vera Sidika

She plainly put it that Vera should be at home taking care of her children and not partying with young girls like her.

On the other hand, Sidika called her out for being cosy in her comment section and pretending to bash her in public for clout.

Another socialite seemingly returning to the party scene hard is Kenedy Rapudo’s girlfriend, Amber Ray.

(Left) Vera Sidika (right) Amber Ray

Lastly, both Amber and Vera have recently welcomed babies and have seemingly very active night social lives and global travels.

In brief, age could be nothing but a number or it could mean something. That said, do you agree with Nasra and Shakilla on a woman’s value and worth?

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