Karua: Do not amend the 2010 Constitution

Karua: Do not amend the 2010 Constitution

Narc Kenya Party Leader Martha Karua says that Kenya has a great constitution.

As the country marks 13 years since the promulgation of the new Constitution in 2010, Karua says that the only problem is that “we have deliberately failed to faithfully implement” it.

“The elephant in the room is lack of integrity across the board in the performance of public duty – institutions are as good as the people manning them – equally a constitution is as good as it’s implementers,” Karua says.

According to Karua, Kenya has a problem of moral infirmity, insisting that no amount of amendments to the Constitution will cure that.

“If we truly desire positive social change, then we must faithfully implement the letter and spirit of the constitution beginning with our national values,” she adds.

During former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s tenure, a political truce with opposition chief Raila Odinga saw the birth of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), which sought to introduce a raft of amendments to the Constitution.

Karua belonged to a movement that opposed the BBI, arguing that some of its proposals would interfere with the basic doctrines of the Constitution.

Now, the Kenya Kwanza-Azimio Bipartisan team have proposed the inclusion of the Office of the Prime Cabinet Secretary, and the Office of the Official Opposition Leader in the Constitution.

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