CS Nakhumicha should urgently forestall the looming doctors’ strike

CS Nakhumicha should urgently forestall the looming doctors’ strike

The looming strike by doctors nationwide over the government’s failure to employ intern teachers is a dire situation that cannot be ignored.

With less than 24 hours until the strike commences, the potential consequences are grave, as it will severely affect medical services in public hospitals.

This is not the first time such industrial action has been threatened, and history has shown us the devastating impact it can have on patients, sometimes even resulting in loss of life.

It is deeply concerning that despite the impending strike, the response from government officials, particularly those in the Ministry of Health, has been halfhearted at best.

Instead of prioritizing the pressing issue of posting medical interns, there seems to be a misplaced focus on implementing new tax measures to fund the SHIF medical insurance scheme.

While healthcare financing is undoubtedly crucial, it should not come at the expense of addressing immediate challenges that threaten the lives of Kenyan citizens.

File photo of doctors on strike in the streets of Nairobi. Photo: Al Jazeera

The demands put forth by the doctors are not unreasonable; they are simply advocating for adequate staffing to ensure that medical services reach every corner of the country.

Medical interns play a vital role in supplementing the already stretched healthcare workforce, and their absence only exacerbates an already dire situation.

It is imperative that the government, particularly the Cabinet Secretary for Health, Susan Nakhumicha, takes swift and decisive action to engage in meaningful negotiations with the doctors.

Lives are at stake, and the government cannot afford to be complacent in addressing this critical stalemate.

The government must prioritize the welfare of its citizens by promptly addressing the concerns of the medical professionals.

The time for leadership, compassion and decisive action is now, any second after one person dies will be too late.

Copy by Fred Indimuli- host Morning Cafe show

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