Chef Ali is new face of Coca-Cola Africa in 2023

Chef Ali is new face of Coca-Cola Africa in 2023

Hold onto your taste buds, because a delectable partnership is sizzling on the horizon! Chef Ali named the Brand Ambassador for Coca Cola Africa 2023.

Brace yourselves for the sizzle and pop of flavor as Chef Ali Mandhry, the culinary sensation hailing from Kenya, takes the culinary world by storm as the Coca-Cola Africa Brand Ambassador for 2023.

Picture this: a symphony of sumptuous dishes dancing harmoniously with the iconic fizz of Coca-Cola. Chef Ali Mandhry is all set to orchestrate this culinary masterpiece.

Chef Ali shares the fizzy moments of Coca-Cola in an advert. Photo/Courtesy

Get ready to embark on a mouth-watering journey as he crafts and shares recipes that flawlessly complement the magic of Coca-Cola, all while championing the Coca-Cola Recipe for Magic campaign.

“It’s not just a win for me, but for every corner of my beloved Africa, my cherished Kenya, and the soul of the Swahili world,” Chef Ali Mandhry jubilantly exclaimed, his passion echoing through every letter. What God has planned for you is for you. Trust His timing. Trust His plan,’’ wrote Chef Ali

But Chef Ali is not merely a maestro in words – his culinary prowess speaks volumes.

From local recipes of biryani, ugali, kachumbari, pilau, to international dishes, he tantalizes our taste buds with videos that spotlight dishes harmoniously united with the effervescent charm of Coca-Cola.

Chef Ali, the creative genius showcasing his culinary skills. Photo/Courtesy

And here’s where you come in: Prepare to be crowned the magic-maker in your kitchen! Join the Coca-Cola Recipe for Real Magic Campaign, and stand a chance to snag some truly enchanting prizes by sharing your own Coca-Cola-infused culinary creations.

As the creative genius behind L’Artisan Pastry Factory, a haven for decadent cakes and exquisite pastries, Chef Ali Mandhry is more than just a cook – he’s a magician of dreams, flavors, and cultural narratives.

With a sprinkle of his culinary stardust, he’s primed to carry the Coca-Cola brand on a fantastic journey across continents.

Chef Ali named the Brand Ambassador for Coca Cola Africa 2023. Photo: ChefAli/Instagram
Chef Ali named the Brand Ambassador for Coca Cola Africa 2023. Photo: ChefAli/Instagram

But hold on, there’s history in the making! Chef Ali is the second Kenyan luminary to step into the spotlight as the Coca-Cola Brand Ambassador.

Remember the infectious “Brrrrrrrr” campaign? That was none other than the late Charles Bukeko (Papa Shirandula), whose legacy continues to shine.

Now, Chef Ali Mandhry steps into this illustrious role, ready to make his mark and showcase the vibrant essence of Africa and the Swahili world to the global stage.

Chef Ali in a photo shoot as a brand ambassador of a phone brand. Photo/ChefAli/Instagram

Diversity is Chef Ali’s secret ingredient, and he blends it flawlessly with his culinary mastery. A master of various cuisines, he is a torchbearer for local flavors and traditions, aligning seamlessly with Coca-Cola’s commitment to celebrating cultural richness. This partnership is a match made in heaven.

But wait, there’s more! Beyond his apron and culinary creations, Chef Ali Mandhry is also a distinguished Food Blogger and TV Personality. His magnetic charm has captivated food enthusiasts not only across Africa but also beyond borders.

Beyond the sizzling pans and aromatic kitchens, Chef Ali wears another distinguished hat – that of a devoted family man. Amidst his culinary exploits, he stands fortified by the unwavering support of his wife, the enchanting @djlartiste.

Together, they orchestrate more than just delectable dishes; they compose a symphony of love, dedication, and commitment that resonates through their shared passion.

Chef Ali with his soulmate djlartiste. Photo/ChefAli/Instagram

So there you have it – an epic collaboration that promises to tantalize your taste buds, ignite your creativity, and infuse a touch of culinary magic into your world. Let the delectable journey begin!

“Vurunyaaaa mwanangu”

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