Dennis Itumbi: My bitter fallout with President Uhuru

Dennis Itumbi: My bitter fallout with President Uhuru

Controversial blogger Dennis Itumbi spilled the beans on his dramatic falling-out with former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

It all began when Itumbi, once a journalist, struck up a friendship with the retired Head of State.

This was before diving headfirst into the political realm via the digital domain.

Uhuru Kenyatta and Itumbi were once friends
Uhuru Kenyatta and Dennis Itumbi when they were friends

They became buddies, and Itumbi soon found himself consulting for Mr. Kenyatta’s campaign.

“We clicked, and my political journey through the digital realm began. I signed up as a consultant for Mr. Kenyatta’s campaign,” Itumbi revealed. However, the plot thickens.

However, things took a sharp turn when President Kenyatta asked Itumbi to cease his support for the then Deputy President William Ruto on social media.

The rift was real.

Dennis Itumbi decided to stick with William Ruto

“The clash with President Kenyatta came about because he wanted me to abandon my support for William Ruto. I stood my ground, though. I believed in this cause and this journey and that’s precisely what I intended to pursue,” explained Itumbi.

True to his word, after parting ways with Mr. Kenyatta, Itumbi hopped on board Dr. Ruto’s camp and played a pivotal role in setting up the online lobby group known as the Hustler Nation Intelligence Bureau or HNIB.

The blogger went on to reveal that he sided with Dr. Ruto because President Kenyatta failed to deliver on his promise of backing his estranged deputy.

Itumbi had been in the room when that promise was made.

“I witnessed President Kenyatta pledge his support for Dr. Ruto’s presidential bid. When he asked me to stop advocating for President Ruto, I declined, as it would have been a betrayal,” Itumbi recounted.

Between 2018 and 2022, this social media heavyweight underwent a remarkable transformation.

He shifted from being an unwavering supporter of President Kenyatta to becoming his harshest critic, seizing every opportunity to criticize the then-head of state.

The winds of change had definitely blown in Itumbi’s direction

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