Woman burns husband’s genitals for buying TV for first wife in Kakamega

Woman burns husband’s genitals for buying TV for first wife in Kakamega

A woman openly scalded her husband by pouring boiling water on him in a shocking that transpired at Ogalo Trading Centre in Matungu, Kakamega County.

The dispute reportedly erupted when the husband purchased a television set for his first wife, with the suspect who is a Uganda national being his second wife.

“We have been working with the woman for years at this trading centre, and we thought she was a genuinely good person, but she has been having arguments with her husband in public,” an eyewitness is quoted by Citizen Digital.

Woman burns husband’s genitals
An undated image of boiling water. The woman burnt her husband’s genitals using hot water. [Photo/Courtesy].

The eyewitness shared that the suspect, a mother of five, has subjected her husband to physical abuse on multiple occasions, including locking him inside their family home.

The situation escalated dramatically when the woman chose to pour boiling water on her husband, causing severe burns to his private parts.

The eyewitness who had known the woman for years due to their work at the trading centre, expressed surprise at her actions.

“This time however she decided to pour boiling water on her husband, burning his private parts in the process,” the witness said.

Woman burns husband’s genitals
An aerial view of Kakamega town. The incidence happened in Kakamega County. [Photo/Courtesy].

In response to the incident, local residents took action, chasing the woman back to Uganda, where she is currently evading authorities.

“This woman should stay in Uganda or find another place to sell her products because she is no longer welcomed here,” they emphasized.

Man heartbroken after his wife and side chick fall in love

In a separate story, a Ghanaian wife dropped a bombshell when she revealed that she and her husband’s side chick, whom he had been cheating with, had fallen in love.

This unexpected twist left the man desperately trying to salvage his marriage.

Woman burns husband’s genitals
A frustrated man trying to figure out solutions to his problems and two ladies having a good time. [Photo/Courtesy].

The woman, keeping her identity hidden disclosed that her husband had been carrying on an affair with this side chick behind her back for a long time.

She explained that she met this mysterious lady by chance at a friend’s party, and they hit it off, exchanging contact information.

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