Dennis Itumbi narrates near-death experience after fallout with Uhuru

Dennis Itumbi narrates near-death experience after fallout with Uhuru

Dennis Itumbi didn’t hold back when discussing the grueling experience after his fallout with former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He painted a harrowing picture, describing how he constantly found himself shadowed by State agents.

Dennis Itumbi on the interview
Dennis Itumbi

And then, there was that terrifying incident when he was abducted and subjected to brutal torture at the hands of what he calls rogue police officers.

During those dark hours, Dennis Itumbi believed his life was hanging by a thread.

He vividly recounted the horror of the alleged police officers mercilessly beating him and even slicing his body in a desperate search for what they claimed were satellites – his lifeline to the outside world.

Dennis Itumbi and Uhuru Kenyatta when they were still friends

But Itumbi’s determination and defiance shone through. He remembered the pivotal call from Uhuru Kenyatta, urging him to abandon his support for William Ruto. Itumbi stood his ground, unyielding in his commitment.

Then came that fateful day when he was abducted on his way to the barbershop.

The assailants left him battered and bewildered, with no idea of his whereabouts. Itumbi, however, had made up his mind: he wouldn’t meet his end as a coward.

In a strange turn of events, exhaustion and numbness engulfed him, only to be interrupted by a phone call.

On the other end, a voice pleaded with his captors to release him, warning of the consequences that powerful figures were starting to inquire about his disappearance.

And so, Itumbi found himself in Kasarani, embarking on a grueling five-month journey of recovery.

During his hospital stay, a visit from William Ruto reinforced his resolve.

He pledged to campaign like never before, and that unwavering determination ultimately contributed to Ruto’s victory.

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