Diana Chacha: I lost jobs after gaining weight while pregnant

Diana Chacha: I lost jobs after gaining weight while pregnant

Content creator Diana Chacha has shared a devastating story on how she lost her influencing jobs after gaining weight due to pregnancy.

The Influencer together with her husband MC Price spoke to Size 8 and DJ Mo during the Live In The Wild show which airs every Sunday from 8 to 9 pm on TV47.

Diana Chacha broke down as she explained how difficult it was, losing jobs and managing being a mother and a wife at the same time.

“My body was my office that time and it was making money, good money, I used to walk into one fashion house and make money,” Chacha explained.

Diana Chacha
Diana Chacha

She also explained how her husband was not understanding how she felt at the moment.

“I think I understood just a quarter of what she was going through,” MC Price said.

“Now I don’t have a lifestyle and I am not posting, my fellow influencers are growing and getting new deals,” Chacha continued.

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Days later, Diana took to her social media and shared an image of her breaking down with a caption explaining her tragic past.

“Last year was the worst year in my life. Gaining weight because of that pregnancy to the loss of that unborn baby, quitting the fashion industry, lost brand influencing jobs coz of being inactive, marriage got affected and I finally sunk into serious depression.”

However, the same year in 2023, Diana revealed that she got pregnant again.

“God restored my joy. This pregnancy has come with favor and opened doors. I’m in a good place with my marriage, and the brands that are coming my way are on another level,” she wrote.

“I’m glad I shared my story on Love In The Wild Show on TV47 with the Murayas, God is faithful and 2024, so far, has been good to me, I can’t wait to meet my beautiful baby soon.”