Dr Ofweneke opens up on failed marriage with first wife Nicah the Queen

Dr Ofweneke opens up on failed marriage with first wife Nicah the Queen

Kenyan comedian Sande Bush popularly referred by his stage name Dr Ofweneke has opened up on how his first marriage came to an end.

Dr Ofweneke and his first wife Nicah The Queen-a gospel musician-went their separate ways in 2018 after a two-year union.

The comedian came clean in a local interview while responding to a question on what he did wrong that could have led to their split.

Power bank Relationships

“I ignored the foundation. I tend to think that why relationships or marriages don’t work out is we get into relationships with the idea of changing what attracted us to them in the beginning,” Ofweneke began.

He said it is unfair for one to invest so much especially emotionally towards their partner without reciprocation, a union he described as ‘power bank relationship’.

In his situation, Ofweneke disclosed he was the one investing so much that he lost himself.

“I loved Nicah so much that I forgot myself. The day I rediscovered myself I simply told her ‘Mama it’s been a good stretch but I can’t do this anymore. Just to be clear, Nicah was perfect and I was perfect but we were just not perfect for each other.”

Dr Ofweneke poses for a photo with his ex-wife Nicah the Queen. PHOTO/FILE

Dr Ofweneke leaves Nicah

Contrary to previous reports, Ofweneke revealed that their separation came about in a very peaceful environment. “We were holding hands watching Netflix. The kids were playing around, my brother and sister were around, it was a normal day.”

The comedian stated that not all marriages were God’s idea such as his. “I remember leaving and God was in my ear saying son this was not the marriage I had planned for you.”

He affirmed that he had no regrets investing in his ex-wife’s music career which was just coming up by then. “Men we are generally investors. I will never regret investing in Nicah’s career. She was on her way to becoming the top female artist,” Ofweneke added.

This is my last marriage

The entertainer, who is currently in another marriage with Christine Tenderess, hopes it will be his last attempt at love.

Dr Ofweneke, his wife Christine and their daughter Elsey. PHOTO/FILE

“God forbid I do not want to be in another marriage. This is my last marriage I thank God for that.”

Dr Ofweneke currently hosts Chemba show on Radio 47 and Dr Ofweneke Tonight on TV47.

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