Dr Ofweneke recounts tough life in KSh2,000 mabati house

Dr Ofweneke recounts tough life in KSh2,000 mabati house

Famous comedian Sande Bush popularly known as Dr Ofweneke has recounted his days as a ‘hustler’ after moving out of his father’s house.

Dr Ofweneke hosts ‘Chemba’ show on Cape Media Ltd-owned Swahili audio-visual radio station Radio 47.

Being a naughty child, the comedian admitted that he went through five secondary schools.

So bad was the situation for his parents that they reportedly considered opening a business for him seeing as he was a lost case.

“We went to Kirimara Secondary School in Nyeri. Hiyo hata walinikataa mbele ya wazazi because of my blunt answers,

“As we went past Karatina town, my dad stopped at a railway crossing and said we were going to seek admission from one last school. If I am rejected he is going to open an M-Pesa shop for me,” he narrated.

Turning a new leaf

Lucky for Ofweneke, he was admitted to Mwea Boys Secondary School in Kirinyaga County.

He remains grateful to the principal who helped him identify his weaknesses and maximize on his strengths.

“The principal helped me realise I had ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) that is why I would not sit still in class for 10 minutes. It made me get into trouble a lot.”

Unable to pay KSh2,000 rent

A week after completing his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE), Ofweneke rebelliously moved out of his father’s home with no source of income.

“My dad came and told me fahali wawili hawaezi kaa zizi moja. Nikatoka nikaenda Kangemi kwa hao za mabati,” he said, letting out a hearty laugh.

The comedian admitted that life was tough for him as he could barely afford the KSh2,000 monthly rent and food expenses.

“I used to sleep on a very small spring bed that made awkward noises whenever I got up or turned. Nilikuwa napika ndengu Monday na inafaa inipeleke hadi Friday.”

He was forced to eat the food which would be rotten by the end of the week. Fed up with that life, Ofweneke humbly walked back to his father’s home.

“One day mzae anatoka job ananipata hapo. Alicheka sana. He told me ‘Ulikuwa unadhani utatoka bila mimi kukurelease?'”

The renowned entertainer currently has his own comedy show dubbed “Dr Ofweneke Tonight” which airs on TV47 every Wednesday from 7:30pm.

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