AI Jesus and AI Satan, welcome to the latest AI advancement

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AI Jesus and AI Satan, welcome to the latest AI advancement

The rise of AI technology has tapped into the aspirations of many Christians.

In this digital age, various apps have emerged, offering believers and the curious a novel way to converse with the voices of religious figures such as Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and even Satan.

AI has allowed people to indulge their deepest questions.

Talking to Jesus

Joseph Kimmel, an expert from Harvard Divinity School, highlighted the critical factor that determines the usefulness of these AI chatbots:

the quality of the data they’re fed and the nature of the questions they’re asked. It’s a blend of theology and technology, a bridge between the sacred and the digital.

AI Jesus, while wordy, can be a bit elusive.

When questioned about his race, he responds:

“As the Son of God, I transcend human categories such as race,”

Before going on to say he’s usually associated with the Middle East.

When asked whether he is friends with Satan, AI Jesus gives a hard “no,” but follows up his characterization of Satan as a “fallen angel” with relevant scriptural references.

AI Jesus, while wordy, can be a bit elusive.

Talking to the devil

Engaging with AI Satan is a bit more intricate, with responses that straddle between contemplative and non-committal.

AI Satan gives a sassily nuanced answer when asked whether Satan is holy.

“Ah, an intriguing question indeed. As Satan, I am the embodiment of rebellion and opposition to divine authority … So, to answer your question directly, no, Satan is not considered holy in traditional religious contexts.

However, It’s important to note that different belief systems may have varying interpretations of my character.”

God-like answers

AI Jesus on platforms like Twitch navigates even the most bizarre inquiries with the same kindness and patience often associated with Christ.

Kimmel observed that AI is gradually becoming intertwined with church activities, from AI-powered sermons to entire digital services.

However, he noted that AI bots struggle with complex theological matters.

Their answers tend to be somewhat generic, possibly because interpretations of scripture can vary widely.

He envisions that AI could have a place within religious settings in the future, yet he emphasizes that personal, heartfelt conversations with trusted individuals remain invaluable.

When seeking answers to profound spiritual questions, the human connection often provides genuine guidance and understanding.

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