‘Drunk’ Salasya schools President Ruto on economic policies to borrow from U.S

‘Drunk’ Salasya schools President Ruto on economic policies to borrow from U.S

Mumias East Member of Parliament (MP) Peter Salasya has offered unsolicited advice to President William Ruto amid his visit in the United States (U.S).

A drunk Salasya took to social media, recalling certain policies introduced by former presidents in the super power that catapulted the economy.

“He must learn from one president I love so much Ronny Reagan. He was once a governor and found an economy that was finding it hard. He introduced what he called Reaganomics, where he made America to move from middle-class economy to first-class economy.

“He decided to cut off most taxes and reduced budget of the United States, and that is what made America to be the country it is today,” he narrated.

Salasya advised President Ruto to cut on taxes and budget to stimulate the economy.

“He must accept one thing; to cut down on taxes and budget so as to attract investment in this country. I personally love the president but he must look at himself.

“You cannot kill two birds with one stone. You cannot cut budget and increase taxes. That is a fact. once people bring companies to Kenya they will create opportunities here.”

Kenyans online however did not take kindly to his ‘drunkenness’, seeing as he is a parliamentarian.

“Addvalue to the office you hold not for your sake but for the sake of the people of Mumias East,” Siocha Evans wrote.

“You are a big person kindly stop doing your things in public try to be private in your social life,” Celestine Wanyama added.

“If you continue this habit you shall be voted out” Kemei Kessei opined.

Others were however impressed of his memory despite being intoxicated.

“This is the realest politician and he’s able to explain his points while drunk. Mhesh enjoy,” Brenda Nyakerario said.

“Thank you for this vital information. This information is a key to strengthening democracy in Kenya,” Jayrus wrote.

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