Mistaken identity: 2 police officers attacked, seriously injured in Bungoma

Mistaken identity: 2 police officers attacked, seriously injured in Bungoma

In a distressing incident in Musole village located in Bungoma South Sub-County, two police officers fell victim to mob violence.

The two, Raymond Adungo and Osiya Odera from Mayanja and Bungoma Police stations, were reportedly not in uniform at the time of the altercation, as this was a private mission.

They encountered hostility from locals while allegedly investigating illicit brew activities at the home of Denis Wafula Khaemba.

The officers were attacked by the public, sustaining serious injuries. Odera suffered head and ankle injuries from a blunt object while Adungo sustained multiple wounds, including a deep cut on the chin and head, possibly from a sharp object.

Odera was promptly taken to Nabuala Hospital by a passerby on a motorcycle and is now in stable condition, his colleague Adungo was admitted to Bungoma West Hospital for treatment and is also stable.

The motive behind the officers’ visit still remains unclear, with investigations ongoing under the supervision of SCCIO Bungoma South.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the risks faced by law enforcement officers, emphasizing the importance of proper preparation and vigilance when operating in potentially volatile areas.

Authorities urge commanders and officers to exercise caution and ensure adequate protection during such missions to prevent similar unfortunate incidents in the future.

Further updates on the case are expected as the investigation progresses.

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