Eko Dydda:”My father gave me the best he could afford and sacrificed a lot”

Eko Dydda:”My father gave me the best he could afford and sacrificed a lot”

Eko Dydda, a musician with a heart full of passion, loves giving a good show.

His energetic performances captivate his fans, leaving them in awe.

His journey to fame began with the smash hit “Niko na Reason” alongside rapper Holy Dave, followed by other hits like “Me and My House,” “Nina One,” “Sir,” “Ghetto,” and “Vidole.”

On this Father’s Day, while appearing on TV47, Eko Dydda shared a heartfelt story about his father.

He reminisced how growing up he didn’t understand the magnitude of his father’s sacrifices but as an adult he finally gets it.

“My dad gave me the best he could afford and sacrificed a lot,” he said.

The rapper, a father of two went on further and said once a man is married a lot changes/

“Once you marry and start living as a man, you stop living for yourself. You start living for your woman and children.”

For more than a decade, Eko Dydda has been a shining star in the gospel music industry.

With his unique stagger type of rap, he has only gotten better with time, like fine wine. Since 2010, he has received numerous Groove Awards nominations and has won the Male Artiste of the Year title twice, including this year.

Eko Dydda talks fatherhood journey

Eko Dydda is also a proud father of two children, Favor Dydda and Wisdom Dydda.

Remarkably, his youngsters are already following in their father’s footsteps.

“The fact that my children are in the industry is not by default. I did not push them. This is all God’s doing,” he says. “Not every kid can do this; it’s a special gift especially to us as a family.”

In addition to his music career, Eko Dydda is passionate about his project, Tribe-All Generation.

This movement seeks to shun tribalism, encouraging intermarriages and naming children in a way that sets them up for a global village.

It’s the reason his sons have such unique names. Eko Dydda legally changed his name and refuses to disclose his birth name, saying it would defeat the purpose of the movement.

He wants to be known simply as a Kenyan.

Eko Dydda continues to inspire many with his music and his commitment to a united, inclusive future.

His heart beats not just for the rhythm of his songs, but for the dream of a better world for his children and the generations to come.

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