Journalist Trevor Ombija eyes Nyakach MP seat

Journalist Trevor Ombija eyes Nyakach MP seat

In the heart of Nyakach, Trevor Ombija is stirring up excitement.

Once a matatu conductor in his hometown, he is now a well-known media personality.

But his eyes are set on a new challenge: the Nyakach parliamentary seat in the upcoming general election.

Trevor has always had a strong bond with his community and he is building a solid base of support.

During a solemn moment at the funeral of Kisumu Senator Tom Ojienda’s mother, Trevor dropped a big hint about his political ambitions.

Speaking to the people of Nyakach, he said, “I have offered my sincere condolences to my friend Tom Ojienda. I will not say much because of time.

To the Nyakach people, I only have two requests. Let’s embrace development without chaos. The difference in ideologies is not enmity.

Do you agree or not? If the whistle is blown for the race to start, can anyone run faster than a dog?”

These words sparked excitement and curiosity.

Trevor’s hint was clear, even without a direct declaration, as he is still a member of the Media Council of Kenya, which has rules against practising media personalities declaring political interests.

Trevor’s journey from a matatu conductor to a respected journalist has been remarkable.

Despite his rise in journalism, he has never forgotten his roots in Nyakach.

Now, his close ties with the community and his dedication to development are setting the stage for what could be his next big step.

Will Trevor Ombija be the next Nyakach MP? The people are watching and waiting, eager to see where this journey will lead.

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