Empress Gifty: “Side chicks don’t snatch people’s husbands”


Renowned Ghanaian gospel singer, Empress Gifty, delivers a firm warning to women involved with married men.

Urging them to refrain from attempting to claim these men as their own.

She acknowledges the challenge of completely eradicating relationships between “side chicks” and married men.

She emphasized that, in certain instances, these men may simply be destined to be supportive figures in one’s life. Photo: Empress Gifty/Facebook.

She advocates for these women to consider sharing these men.

Rather than striving for exclusive possession, especially by having children with them.

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Empress Gifty added that: “It’s wrong to bear a child with another woman’s husband.

That’s the worst, most destructive decision a woman can make.

People are resorting to fortifying themselves and using all sorts of powers just to snatch someone’s husband.

You may flirt but don’t assume you can snatch him.

Some of them are just God-sent helpers. You don’t hold onto people’s husbands and feed them kayamata,” she passionately expressed.

She further scolds the ladies for refusing to release their grip on other women’s husbands, even when they have serious boyfriends. Photo: Empress Gifty.

“The saddest part is that most of these girls have committed relationships, but they won’t let go of the married ones.

They have even led many pastors astray,” she added.

Empress Gifty, however, urges men to focus on their families and steer clear of entertaining mistresses.

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Her message delivers a powerful cautionary note, not only to women but also to men, urging them to cherish their families and avoid entanglements with mistresses. Photo: Empress Gifty.

“Men, find contentment in what you already have. Some men have seen other women and abandoned their wives, forgetting the struggles they’ve endured together.

Some have neglected their children, failing to provide for them, all because of side chicks,” she passionately stated.

It’s a message of vital importance, resonating deeply with all who heed its warning.

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