EPL clubs plan to regulate player transfers to Saudi Arabia league

EPL clubs plan to regulate player transfers to Saudi Arabia league

English Premier League(EPL) clubs are reportedly in discussions to establish transfer regulations concerning Saudi Arabia.

European clubs have profited greatly, amassing £753 million from deals involving Saudi Pro League clubs, who have utilized their wealth to expand their division.

High-profile players like Neymar, Fabinho, Riyad Mahrez, and Ruben Neves have made moves to the kingdom, making it a significant market.


Various EPL clubs have profited from substantial transfer fees, but concerns arise regarding the payment structure.

European clubs must adhere to UEFA’s “no overdue payments rule,” necessitating timely financial commitments.

This principle forms a cornerstone of financial stability in European football, preventing competitors from financially undermining clubs.

At the same time ensuring their eligibility for UEFA and domestic competitions.

However, Saudi clubs, not bound by this rule, now account for 11% of all fees paid to top European divisions, a significant increase from the previous maximum of 2%.

Prominent clubs like Liverpool, Chelsea, and Manchester City express concerns that they could be vulnerable if Saudi clubs fail to adhere to European financial regulations.


This issue was discussed during a conference in Berlin.

In response, several clubs are calling for stringent guarantees, given Saudi Arabia’s growing spending influence in European football.

The sovereign wealth Public Investment Fund owns four clubs in the Saudi Pro League, and it also controls the consortium responsible for Newcastle United’s return to the Champions League after a two-decade absence.

Prominent managers recognize the increasing impact of the Saudi market, where players are choosing to depart Europe at the height of their careers for lucrative opportunities.

A world-record bid awaits Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah, prompting Jurgen Klopp to address concerns about the seemingly boundless resources at the disposal of specific clubs.

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