Girl, 10, takes money from mum’s pouch, travels 400 kms to visit friends

Girl, 10, takes money from mum’s pouch, travels 400 kms to visit friends

10-year-old Gladwell Chelsea Nyansorora Ayora gave her parents a heart attack after she disappeared from their home.

Her mother resides in Nairobi, Kenya, and her father resides in Kisii.

This is approximately 400 kms from Nairobi, where Gladwell was raised up until January 2023.

Growing up in Kisii

She had spent her early years in the warm embrace of Kisii until this January when they all decided to make the big move to the bustling capital.

Gladwell missed more than her hometown; she missed her childhood crew.

During this short two-week August break, Gladwell dropped a hint to her parents.

She wanted to see her old friends in Kisii.

The August holiday was short and we thought instead of allowing the kids to travel to Kisii, we would let them see their friends during the festive season,”

said the father of two speaking to TV 47.

Adventurous journey

The 10-year-old armed with determination and a pinch of bravery, took cash from her mom’s purse.

She packed her tiny backpack with essentials and embarked on a journey to Kisii.

Little Gladwell reached out for help when she wasn’t sure of the path.

It was like an unfolding adventure, filled with the kind souls who guided her towards her village, her childhood safe haven.

Calling the police

While Gladwell was having an adventure, travelling on her own, her parents were worried sick about their daughter’s whereabouts.

They informed the police their daughter was missing and went further ahead to make a lost person poster which they circulated on social media.

The poster on social media

Found at last

The following day when she was close to the home she knew since she was a child she asked a tout for his cell phone and used it to inform her dad she was coming home.

Gladwell was unharmed and after being queried by the police she said she only wanted to see her friends and her parents wouldn’t let her.

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