Kamene Goro responds to rumours she’s pregnant after latest photo

Kamene Goro responds to rumours she’s pregnant after latest photo

Recently married media personality Kamene Goro has once again been forced to respond to suggestions she is pregnant.

The debate was ignited on Tuesday after sharing photos in a swimming costume while deep sea diving at the coast.

“I really did have the most memorable day of my life today!!
I will tell you the story,” she captioned the photo.

On Wednesday morning, she took to social media to clarify the matter, maintaining she was not expecting her first child with husband DJ Bonez (real name David Kamau).

Goro was disappointed at critics who have continuously spewed hate on her content, asking them to work towards the kind of life they want as she was already living her dream.

“So I woke up this morning to a whole bunch of hateful, ignorant comments on my last post, and I’m floored and amused,

“I will never understand how it is one’s first instinct to be hateful or mean and the crazy assumptions some of you want to place on my life,” the former radio presenter began.

She asserted that she would announce her pregnancy to the whole world hence no room for mere speculations.

“I am not pregnant, the whole world would know from day one, not that I need to explain that.”

Body Shamers

The celebrity further put a stop to body shamers, affirming that she was content with her body shape and size.

“I love my body with all its curves and edges, I owe nobody the kind of body you want or expect me to have, let’s just get that straight. Babygirl ako tu sawa,” Goro stated.

Pregnancy Rumours

In April this year, pregnancy rumours erupted after photos of Kamene Goro and DJ Bonez’s private wedding surfaced on the internet. Lang’ata MP Jalang’o graced the lavish event.

Lang’ata MP Jalang’o poses for a photo with Kamene Goro and DJ Bonez at their wedding in April 2023. PHOTO/FILE

Goro was dressed in a flowing off-shoulder peach dress while DJ Bonez donned a pink coat, black trousers, and a white shirt.

She took to Instagram days later to clarify that she was not pregnant contrary to what bloggers reported.

‘Kids are a burden’

In 2022, the media personality publicly declared she was not interested in having children as they were ‘a burden’.

“Kids are not in my plan. It is a bit tedious and they are a lot of sacrifices and it is one I probably don’t want to make. Plus they are expensive, think of school fees, health care and more,” the 31-year-old added.


According to her, pregnancy journey is time consuming which is not in her interest.

“This whole nine months thing looks like a lot of time, what I have heard about pregnancies is very scary. There’s the giving birth, it’s not an easy thing. I want to have full liberty over my life. I want to wake up and say, I want to go to Zanzibar.”

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