Google to delete billions of browsing data as part of settlement in ‘Incognito’ lawsuit

Google to delete billions of browsing data as part of settlement in ‘Incognito’ lawsuit

Google is set to delete billions of data records in compliance with a settlement related to a law suit alleging the tech company’s improper tracking of internet user’s browsers habit, particularly those who believed they were browsing privately-Incognito.

Initially the case was filed in 2020, accusing Google of misrepresenting the data it gathers from users who browsed the internet via incognito mode in chrome.

Google reached an agreement to settle the suit later last year but the terms of the settlement was first disclosed in a filling on Monday.

According to documents filed yesterday 1st April in San Francisco federal court , Google must delete billions of data records that reflects the private browsing activities of users involved in the class action suit.

“The settlement requires Google to delete and remediate, in unprecedented scope and scale, the data it improperly collected in the past,” David Boies, the attorney representing the consumer plaintiffs told CNN.

Additionally, Google will revise its disclosure practices to inform users about what data it collects whenever a user begins private browsing session.

These changes have already been in initiated by Google.

Google will also allow private browsing users to block third-party cookies for the next five years.

In an interview with CNN, Jose Castaneda, a Google spokesperson said that the company is happy to delete old technical data that was never associated with an individual and was never used for any form of personalization.

The google spokesperson added that the plaintiffs wanted $5 billion but will be receiving zero.

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