Government Spokesperson Isaac Mwaura Refutes Allegations from Uhuru Kenyatta’s Office: “Unreasonable demands”

Government Spokesperson Isaac Mwaura Refutes Allegations from Uhuru Kenyatta’s Office: “Unreasonable demands”

In a press release dated June 10, 2024, the Executive Office of the President, led by the Chief of Staff and Head of Public Service, has addressed allegations made by the Office of the Third Retired President, Uhuru Kenyatta.

The detailed statement aims to clarify misconceptions and provide transparency regarding the resources allocated to the former president.

Vehicles: point of contention

The crux of the disagreement centres around the number and condition of vehicles provided to the Third Retired President.

While the former president’s office acknowledges receiving vehicles, they dispute the number.

The government asserts that 14 vehicles have been provided, all maintained and fueled at the State House.

Records indicate that these vehicles were fueled as recently as May 15, 2024, contradicting claims of blocked fuel cards.

Moreover, the statement emphasizes that these vehicles are routinely serviced, with the latest maintenance carried out in April and May 2024.

To counter claims of outdated vehicles, the government reveals that the vehicles were purchased between 2020 and 2022,

Including luxury models such as Range Rover Autobiography, Mercedes S600L, and Armoured Land Cruiser V8.

A staggering request

The press release highlights a recent request from the Third Retired President’s office for four additional high-end vehicles, totalling KSh140 million.

These include a Range Rover Vogue, Mercedes Benz 5500, Toyota Land Cruiser ZX-VXRK6, and a Toyota Fortuner.

The government underscores the significant cost of these vehicles, questioning the necessity of such an expensive fleet.

Office Accommodation: historical perspective

Addressing the issue of office space, the government clarifies that a suitable office was purchased in 2012/2013, and previously used by the late President Mwai Kibaki for nine years.

Located in Nyari, Nairobi, this office is deemed appropriate for any retired president.

The government’s statement expresses concern over the refusal to use this facility, suggesting it is both practical and cost-effective compared to leasing a private office.

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