Happy Birthday: Lupita Nyong’o celebrates boyfriend as he turns 52

Happy Birthday: Lupita Nyong’o celebrates boyfriend as he turns 52

Love knows no bounds, and it is undeniable that Kenyan-Mexican actress Lupita Nyong’o is in love.

The Black Panther actor celebrated the man who’s captured her heart – the dashing Selema Masekela, now a radiant 52-year-old.

Lupita and her boyfriend Selema Masekela

My favourite playmate

Through social media, Lupita painted the canvas of their love story.

She painted her Instagram page with their love, teasing fans with luxurious escapades that seem plucked from a dream.

From sunsets on distant shores to the music of laughter echoing through the air, Lupita and Selema are the architects of a love story that’s pure poetry.

Lupita and Masekela during previous events

Lupita wrote:

“And THEN… the Universe saw it fit to bring this Sunshine Human into my orbit, and this day marks his introduction to life.

“Every day is full of #goodenergy and reasons to dance with @selema as my favorite playmate. Happy Birthday, mi amor!”

Selema, not one to hold back either replied:

“…sneaky, mi amor. luckiest man alive. My heart is smiling wide,”

Selema’s roots

In 2022, Lupita unveiled her heart to the world, making it official with Selema, the actor, singer, and host who holds a universe of talents.

And if we’re talking lineage, Selema’s heritage is a treasure trove, for he’s the son of the legendary Hugh Masekela, hailed as the “father of South African jazz.”

True Love birds

The creatives are not shy to share public displays of affection.

A glimpse here, a stolen moment there – Selema gently undoing Lupita’s hair, an intimate gesture that speaks volumes.

It’s in these small, precious moments that their love story comes alive, like fireflies illuminating the night sky.

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