Ian Njoroge apologizes for assaulting police officer, vows it won’t happen again

Ian Njoroge apologizes for assaulting police officer, vows it won’t happen again

Ian Njoroge, the young man caught on camera assaulting a traffic police officer along Kamiti Road in Mirema, has publicly apologized for his actions.

Standing alongside former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko and his parents, Njoroge expressed deep regret and sought forgiveness.

“I would like to take this chance to offer my apologies to the state and also Mr. Jacob Ogendo. I’m really sorry, and it will never happen again. I am just saying I am sorry,” Njoroge solemnly stated.

His mother also extended an apology on behalf of her son, thanking Sonko for his unwavering support during their challenging times.

“I am very sorry. And to you, Mr. Mike Sonko, mheshimiwa, thank you so much for coming in handy when I needed that help. May the Lord God bless you,” she added tearfully.

Sonko, addressing the gathered crowd, emphasized that Njoroge had learned a valuable lesson from his mistake.

“Makosa imefanyika, huyu ni mtoto mdogo, wengi wetu ni wazazi na watoto hukosea.

We do not force Ian to apologize, but we have spoken at length, and he regrets what he did. He has assured me it won’t happen again.”

“I will take Ian under my wing going forward. I don’t know Ian, I don’t know his parents, but as a leader, on behalf of this family, on behalf of Ian, we apologize to the public, we apologize to the National Police Service, and all officers countrywide in uniform,” Sonko continued.

Ian gets bailed

Last week, Njoroge, aged 19, appeared before Milimani Principal Magistrate Benmark Ekhubi to face charges of causing grievous harm, robbery with violence, and resisting arrest.

During the hearing, he recounted alleged mistreatment by arresting officers, which he described as inhumane, including molestation, insults, and physical abuse.

After deliberation, the magistrate granted Njoroge release on a bond of Sh700,000, noting that the prosecution’s argument of potential revenge from other officers lacked sufficient grounds for detention.

“Ian Njoroge has learned lessons from his mistake the hard way and is very apologetic.

He vows to be a good student. Please accept his apology,” concluded Sonko, urging the public to consider Njoroge’s remorse and commitment to reform

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