Jackie Matubia: I almost killed my child due to online bullying

Jackie Matubia: I almost killed my child due to online bullying

Kenyan Content Creator and Actress Jackie Matubia has opened up on how her first marriage almost made her take her own life and her daughter’s life.

In an interview on an online media, Jackie revealed that online bullying for her started back in the days in her first marriage.

An uncle from her ex husband’s side started uploading content on social media exposing her.

She narrated how she got bullied by people due to her role in her first show Tahidi High.

Jackie Matubia
Jackie Matubia

Matubia recalled a time that she fought for her ex husband in an entertainment joint after attending her friend’s traditional marriage event.

“People did not have limit on those particular days. I used to receive messages and photos of ladies who were with my husband,” she added.

However, Matubia says that the moment she grew a thick skin, she realized that she is not here to please people.

The award winning actress said that she did not want to be like her mother, left with her and got remarried.

“I told my friends that I did not want history to repeat itself. Our parents kept on telling us to persevere in marriage,” she added.

However, Jackie Matubia left her marriage before having another second one with actor Blessing Lung’aho which also did not work.

“There is a day I took medicine held my child and wanted to take our lives away because of bullying,” Jackie said as she broke down.

Jackie Matubia’s new series ‘Toxic’

Jackie Matubia is set to release her biggest Kenyan Telenovela Series titled ‘Toxic’ on April 17, 2024 which will be aired on her YouTube channel.

The series which she had partnered with the late Charles Ouda is based on the Toxic behaviours that people encounter in relationships.

According to her, Charles wrote the script to the first 4 episodes before his demise in February.

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