Jua Cali reveals being chased off stage by Egerton students

Jua Cali reveals being chased off stage by Egerton students

Kenyan musician Jua Cali has taken a trip down memory lane, recalling a pivotal moment in his early music career involving an encounter with disgruntled students at Egerton University.

In a recent social media post, Jua Cali shared the details of an incident from around 2001 when he and fellow artist Nonini were still newcomers to the entertainment industry.

Jua Cali with his friend and fellow artist Nonini. [Photo/Courtesy].

The duo had been invited to perform at Egerton University by Clemo, a friend and supporter of their music.

“We arrived at the university in the evening and went to the dorms to freshen up after a meal. We were relatively new to the industry, but Clemo had managed to spread our songs to some students, so some people were familiar with our music,” Jua Cali reminisced.

Around midnight, Jua Cali and Nonini took to the stage to entertain the eager crowd of students.

Jua Cali and Nonini took to the stage at midnight to entertain students. [Photo/Courtesy].

However, their performance took an unexpected turn, as the audience grew increasingly displeased with their act.

“In the middle of the performance, something happened. Someone from the audience threw plastic cups onto the stage, and suddenly, cups started flying everywhere. The students didn’t want to listen to us perform! We had no choice but to leave the stage,” Jua Cali recounted.

While the incident was a harsh introduction to the music industry, Jua Cali emphasized that it didn’t deter their determination, instead, it fuelled their resolve to succeed.

They continued to work hard and released songs that eventually catapulted them to national fame.

Years later, when they received another invitation to perform at Egerton University, they accepted and delivered a remarkable performance, showing just how far they had come since their early days in the industry.

Jua Cali and Nonini delivered a remarkable performance when they went back to Egerton University several years later. [Photo/Courtesy].

The veteran singer believes that such experiences are essential for artists, as they learn and grow from adversity.

He encourages aspiring musicians to persevere in the face of challenges, as their dedication can lead to lasting success.

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