Kamene Goro: DJ Bonez showered me, clothed me for 2 months after surgery

Kamene Goro: DJ Bonez showered me, clothed me for 2 months after surgery

Media personality Kamene Goro says she will be forever grateful to her husband DJ Bonez (real name David Kamau) for taking care of her post surgery.

Kamene Goro underwent a knee surgery at Karen Hospital in Nairobi in January this year.

“I have come to repair my knee, I think I have told you guys the story before. Yeah so I tore my meniscus and I am mmh, yeah so I am due for surgery.

“I am a little bit anxious about the whole anesthesia thing, I don’t know this time round coz every other time I haven’t been anxious about it but anyway so yes that is the surgery I am going in for I am hoping I will be able to walk as soon as possible coz I think for me he recovery is usually harder than the surgery,” she said at the time.

In a candid talk with celebrities Size 8 and DJ Mo on TV47’s ‘Love In The Wild‘, the media personality disclosed her husband took care of her without tiring during that period.

“Most people tend to disappear when you get sick or something happens. My husband used to undress me, put me in the bath tub, showers me, then helps me dress up… and he was there every single day,” she narrated.

Goro said that despite her partner being an entertainer who is very busy, he made time to ensure she was comfortable in the house as she was immobile.

“Ananiambia babe leo tunakula hivi. Dawa ndio hizi. How are you feeling? Can I do this for you? Yeye ndio alikuwa hapo every single day without fail. My family was very supportive but he was there every day.”

She admitted that the recovery process was very tough on her, forcing her to rely on someone all day and night for everything she needed.

“Sometimes I would get fevers at night because of the pain. He is there getting a towel trying to lower my body temperatures, or calling a doctor to come attend to me.”

Goro admits that season of her life helped her discern her real friends from people who just associated with her because of her fame.

“When I was there at the top everybody wanted to be up in my business but when things get tough people run. There is no doubt now that my husband loves me. He took care of me with so much love and there is not a day when he complained.”

Kamene Goro reportedly began walking towards the end of March and has now resumed her normal activities.

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