Kenya exports 52 tonnes of omena to China

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Kenya exports 52 tonnes of omena to China

Kenya has exported a total of 52 tonnes of anchovies, commonly known as omena to China, which is a major milestone in strengthening trade between the two nations.

The first shipment of Omena was delivered in China following an agreement that was signed between Beijing and Nairobi in January 2022.

The Director-General of the Department of African Affairs, MFA, in China, Wu Peng noted that he was satisfied with Kenya’s shipment to Beijing.

“Glad to see the first 52-tonne shipment of Kenyan omena exported to China has been delivered recently, more is on the way,” stated Wu Peng.

The first batch of omena of about 315kg was delivered to China in June 2023 by air, signaling an encouraging trade relationship.

On the other hand, Kenyan officials have lauded the achievement of delivering the omena consignment to China, adding that it would highly promote the fishing industry in the country.

A processing company, Jinzai Food Group based in Hunan indicated in a statement that it intends to use omena in making flavored snacks.

Jinzai Food Group has also established a processing, drying, and packaging facility in Kenya to prepare omena for the Chinese market.

Changsha Customs also played a key in facilitating customs clearance by implementing China’s initiative to acquire agricultural and food imports from Africa.

The successful export of omena to China signifies China’s efforts in importing high-quality African foods and agricultural products.

It is also a sign of a growing partnership between Kenya and China, that aims to promote economic cooperation for the benefit of both nations.