Quincy Timberlake pleads guilty to Manslaughter in son’s death

Quincy Timberlake pleads guilty to Manslaughter in son’s death

Quincy Timberlake the estranged husband of former TV siren Easter Arunga, has pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of his three-year-old son, Sinclair.

Their son died in 2014 while the couple lived in Kallangur north of Brisbane, Australia.

Australian prosecution on Tuesday withdrew the murder charge preferred against Quincy Timberlake after he pleaded guilty to the crime.

Quincy Timberlake

The murder trial

The controversial pastor was supposed to stand trial at the Brisbane Supreme Court this week, however, pleaded guilty to the lesser manslaughter charge shocking the court.

This means that the judge-only trial was vacated after the prosecution accepted his plea.

Quincy Timberlake

Subsequently, Timberlake is now scheduled to be sentenced on September 29.

In Australia the penalty for Man slaughter carries a 25-year imprisonment sentence however it is uncertain whether he will serve the whole sentence.

This is due to the pending results of his diagnosis of psychosis and schizophrenia which was highlighted during the pretrial.

Cause of death

The story of the death of Sinclair sent shockwaves in the country when Timberlake and his wife Arunga claimed that their son died after falling down the stairs.

However, after conflicting statements emerged from the family and emergency services, Arunga mother of the deceased boy told the police that her husband physically assaulted their son.

She was later handed a 10-month sentence for misleading the police and being an accessory to manslaughter.

Arunga was released after investigations showed that she had nothing to do with the death of her son.

Timberlake punched his son in the stomach and threw him in the wall calming his son was possessed and had extraterrestrial beings living in his stomach.

The controversial pastor made headlines in 2010 when he declared his interest to become the president of Kenya in the 2013 general election.

Quincy Timberlake

However, he migrated with his family to Australia, and four years later their son died.

Timberlake has already served nearly a decade in prison following his arrest three months after his son’s tragic death.

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