Five-year-old says he was kidnapped by mother

Five-year-old says he was kidnapped by mother

Police have launched a manhunt for a woman who allegedly kidnapped her own son.

The son was allegedly kidnapped in their home where she, Justine Namuleme, was watching him.

According to Namuleme, their son was kidnapped by people who were watching her movements closely.

Upon further interrogation by Kampala North Police, she maintained that she did not see the kidnappers.

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Husband to send Sh 4M

She urged her husband to send the kidnappers the Sh 4M (KSh 157,000) money so that their son could be safe.

“I did not see the people who took our son because he was in the compound.”

“It appears these individuals were nearby and closely monitoring my movements,” she insisted.

Further adding, “I implore my husband to send the money to ensure the safety of our child,” she stated at the police station.

Wife in collaboration with kidnappers

Deputy Kampala Metropolitan police Luke Owoyesigyire revealed that they so it wise to trick the kidnappers first.

The police requested for details on how ransom should be sent. The kidnappers provided them with a phone number which was not operational.

Namuleme however assured her husband that the phone number would be in service soon and true to her words, it was not long before it was switched on.

“Wasinga was taken aback when his wide assured him not to worry claiming that the telephone number would be active in a few minutes,” said Mr Owoyesigyeri.

“Indeed, the number became operational, leaving the father perplexed. He immediately informed our officers about the situation.”

Wife becomes suspect

This raised eyebrows making her a suspect. She however escaped through a back door as she was being interrogated.

“As she continued to be interrogated, she managed to escape through a back door,” narrated Owoyesigyeri.

“Shortly after, the child returned home. The boy informed his father that his mother had placed him on a motorcycle that brought im back home.”

According to Wasinga, Namuleme had obtained loans and was constantly being sough afterby credit lenders.

“I have noticed several people coming to our home inquiring about my wife and demanding money from her,” said Wasinga.

“I do not understand the reason for these loans, and now I am suspicious that he intended to acquire money through ransom to clear her debts,” he presumed.

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