Kenyan murder convict appeals for KES 123.3M to save him from being beheaded

Kenyan murder convict appeals for KES 123.3M to save him from being beheaded

A Kenyan man based in Saudi Arabia was handed the death sentence after being found guilty of murder. Stephen Munyakho, 50 was found guilty of murdering his colleague Abdul Halim Mujahid 13 years ago.

The disagreement between the two quickly escalated and Stephen alias Stevo stabbed him in the thigh and thumb.

Halim sought help in a hospital which he walked himself to but later succumbed to the injuries. Stephon was trried and found guilty of manslaughter.

Halim’s family however appealed the judgement in a Shariah court and got one in their favour, Stephen was sentenced to death.

Upon being sentenced to death which happens by sword in Saudi Arabia, he could not be beheaded immediately as one of the deceased child was a minor.

The law in Saudi Arabia stipulates that all the children to the deceased have to consent to his death the caveat being that they all have to be of the age of majority.

The family presented Stephen’s family with an alternative to death, KSh 123.3M shillings an equivalent of 3.5 million Saudi Arabia Riyals (SAR)

So far, the family has raised KSh 5.5 million. The family is expected to raise the money in eight days when his execution is due.

In an interview with Sunday Nation, Stephen’s mother Dorothy Kweyu appealed to Kenyans to help her family raise the money.

“I plead with my fellow Kenyan s to assist me raise the money that is needed to bring Steve back. I know it can be done,” beseeched Dorothy.

“There was a point where the amount due was as high as KSh 150M, and my son, the next boy in the rank to Steve was quick to say that, look, one million Kenyans contributing only KSh 150 can get out Steve in a day.”

The paybill number for contribution is 8056675 and the account number is the sender’s name. The money can also be sent directly via Mpesa 0702878717.

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