Kenya’s flood is a warning!

Kenya’s flood is a warning!

The current floods in Kenya serve as a warning to families and the government itself, and this has exposed the gaps that needs to be fixed.

Proper town planning would have saved Kenyans from the effects of floods.

It goes without saying that; once bitten twice shy, a majority of Kenyans were caught unaware  with the heavy rainfall in the country.

This shows that no one cares about where they stay, how safe it is and what if something unexpected happens.

The collapse of the wall in Limuru highlights the potential dangers posed by substandard infrastructure and housing.

Cracks in walls could indicate structural weaknesses that negatively affect the safety of residents, especially during extreme weather events like heavy rainfall and flooding.

It’s essential for authorities to enforce building codes and conduct regular inspections to ensure the safety of residential structures.

Why do we have houses built along river banks, does this mean the recent floods are time ticking bombs to those people?

Such news of people living along river banks shows that there are poor policies being made to address the needs of such people.

Some people building houses across the water paths has contributed to flooding and disaster to people’s residential houses.

Waters would only pass through the paths intended to, if a human being blocks the river then it means waters will not find another way rather than breaking the banks.

As much as Kenyans are complaining about the government extending a helping hand , they also need to ask themselves questions about their safety and families at large.

Floods should be declared a national disaster because of the harm it has caused to hundreds of Kenyans.

Opinion by Paul Kirobi

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