Man behind KSh 12 billion gold scam in Kenya caught trying to con French national

Man behind KSh 12 billion gold scam in Kenya caught trying to con French national

A key suspect behind the KSh12 billion gold scam in Kenya was arrested on Wednesday, August 16 in Westlands, Nairobi.

The suspect identified as Edwin Ochieng Oduk was arrested by DCI detectives on allegations of illegally obtaining KSh7.2 million from a foreign national William Tuil in a fake gold deal.

The Frenchman ended up in Oduk’s office in Nairobi’s Westlands with a metallic box loaded with stones and broken tiles, instead of billions in the supposed Coltan deal.

The Frenchman reported the matter to detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, who then raided Oduk’s premises.

During the raid, the officers recovered 12 metallic boxes that were used to con unsuspecting victims. A few of the boxes were not locked but they had stones instead of the precious stones.

Detectives reported that Oduk and Company use the stones to give their unsuspecting victims an impression of either cash or fake gold weight.

After arresting Oduk alongside several of his employees, Police then alerted William Tuil to identify the consignment he was earlier shown and told was money. William identified the box, and upon opening it, it was discovered that it had stones instead of money.

The Frenchman was shocked on learning that even all other boxes had neither gold nor money.

The boxes were allegedly packaged with millions in Ghana and were in transit to Rwanda where William was expected to receive the millions before starting the mine business.

The scammers then informed William that the plane landed in Nairobi, and the consignment was impounded by authorities who were to be bribed before releasing the money. That was when he traveled to Nairobi.

Edwin Oduk who police believe is part of a transnational organized criminal gang contacted William and demanded KSh2.3 million for safekeeping, another KSh2.9 million for insurance, and KSh1.7 million for a private jet.

The scammers later demanded KSh87 million for customs fees and KSh72 million as commission, which led to the Frenchman being suspicious before alerting the police.

Police have launched investigations into the matter as they prepare to arraign Oduk in court.