Man jailed for 3 months for marrying fellow man while having a wife

Man jailed for 3 months for marrying fellow man while having a wife

Marcus, who used to go by Colin Parsons, changed his name to Marcus Wild.

In a surprising turn, he revealed he was gay and left his old life behind, including his old name.

It seemed like a fresh start was on the horizon.

However, things took a surprising twist when Marcus decided to get married again.

Despite still being legally married to Susan, he tied the knot with his new partner at Nottingham’s Council House.

He even declared himself as “single” during the ceremony, even though he had been warned it might not be truthful.

The plot thickened as Marcus referred to himself as “divorced” on social media, using his new name.

His estranged wife Susan, who had been seeking a quick divorce, saw the wedding photos and was shocked.

In court, Marcus faced the consequences of his actions.

The judge reminded him that Susan had suspected his sexuality for a long time and had even confronted him about it.

But Marcus had denied it, making the situation even more complicated.

The judge recognized that the situation was messy, and although Marcus had admitted to the offense of bigamy (the offense of being married officially to two partners), he was given a suspended three-month prison sentence.

Now, Marcus is legally divorced and happily in a flourishing relationship with his husband. He works for the NHS full-time and has put this tumultuous chapter behind him.

The story serves as a reminder that even in a modern world, relationships can get tangled in unexpected ways, and the truth has a way of surfacing eventually.

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