Khaligraph Jones gives Tanzanian rappers 24 hours to respond to his rap challenge

Khaligraph Jones gives Tanzanian rappers 24 hours to respond to his rap challenge

Tanzanian Bongo Star Harmonize has called out Kenyan Rapper Khaligraph Jones, popularly known as OG, for apparently disrespecting Tanzanian rappers.

Khaligraph Jones said he has given Tanzanian rappers 24 hours to go to the studio and record a good hip-hop song and not Amapiano.

Kenyan Rapper Khaligraph Jones aka The OG/Photo/Instagram

The OG added that he has challenged the rappers to a rap battle and if he wins, he will be respected.

“Naskia Tanzania Ma Rapper wameshika Moto, Yall have 24 hrs to go to the studio and Record, na msiniletee amapiano, Bomboclat, Ingieni kwa Kiwanja tupimane nguvu, You will respect The OG,” OG declared.

In response, Harmonize said he did his best to give Khaligraph Jones a Collabo “Kwame” and the song won an award. He added that he did not expect Khaligraph to feel so big and disrespect Tanzanians.

Harmonize and Khaligraph Jones during video shoot of their video “Kwame”. Photo/Courtesy

Harmonize claimed that Khaligraph’s rap inspiration comes from Tanzania and he should not forget that.

Adding, “There are well established rappers in Tanzania and their game is unmatched like Professor Jay. He went ahead to lower Khaligraph’s rap game, saying that he cannot match the big rappers in Tanzania and his level is that of Lunya and Con boy.”

Harmonize said Tanzanian Hip hop is on another level even though they still support Kenyan hip hop.

Tanzanian Bongo Singer Harmonize. Photo/Harmonize/Instagram

Tembo went ahead to defend the Tanzanian rap scene, mentioning his collaboration with Khaligraph in the past and the recognition it garnered.

He asserted that Tanzania boasts well-established rappers whose prowess is unparalleled. “How I went so hard to give you the only award this year. I didn’t know you could feel that big and disrespect my brothers! You really know all your rap inspiration is from Tanzania bro. Don’t forget home !!!! Do you know weusiii?? What about your daddy County Boy… Tanzanian hip hop is another level,” Harmonize wrote on his Instastories.

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