Otile Brown Considers New Album: What’s Happening?

Otile Brown Considers New Album: What’s Happening?

Kenyan singer and performer Otile Brown recently gave fans an update on his music journey. He took a break from releasing new songs with other artists and wanted to share what he’s been up to.

Otile told his followers on social media that he’s been working on fresh music and is putting together an album. He mentioned that he has a lot of real-life experience in the music industry.

Having been in the music scene for more than five years, Otile Brown has received various awards during his career. Some of his popular songs include “Dusuma,” “Such Kinda of Love,” “Japo Kidogo,” and “Kenyan Girl.”

On his Instagram, Otile mentioned that his upcoming album will be a reflection of his life experiences.

He’s aiming for his album to be among the top three best albums in Africa, and he’s serious about it – otherwise, he’s thinking about quitting music.

Despite this ultimatum, Otile is confident in his skills and what he can offer. He wants people to know that he still has a lot to contribute to the music world.

In a later post, he acknowledged that if people have had enough of his music, he’ll gracefully step back.

He also addressed the trend of creating fake drama for attention in the music industry.

Such tactics have been observed from creators like his former fiancée Vera Sidika, who is known for staging controversies to gain attention and or push products.

Otile made it clear that he values his fans and the relationship he shares with them.

He believes in genuine connections and promises that he’s never deceived his fans for love or support.

What’s your take on Otile Brown’s current situation?

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