Kush Tracy: I never dated Timmy Tdat, it was all fake


In 2019, something remarkable happened to Kush Tracey.

She found a fresh start and embraced her faith, announcing that she had given her life back to Christ.

Her melodic voice, known from hits like “God is in Control,” took on a new purpose as she belted out gospel tunes.

Kush Tracey said she is all about becoming a better person and putting in the work

Kush Tracey lays it all bare

In a candid interview with TV 47’s Dr Ofweneke, Kush didn’t hold back.

Kush Tracey peeled back the layers of her controversial past.

Surprisingly, she revealed that her connection with musician Timmy Tdat wasn’t the romantic saga that had been assumed. They were simply friends, nothing more.

She said:

“We used to have very deep conversations and I feel like people nowadays have very surface-level discussions. but taht is all it was the rest was just hype and Keke.”

Timmy Tday and Kush Tracey when they were allegedly in a relationship

The truth

But rewind a bit, and you’ll find a different chapter.

Once upon a time, Timmy and Kush Tracey were a couple. The highs and lows of their relationship played out for months until the curtain fell dramatically in June 2016.

Reports surfaced of a heated encounter at Club 1824 on Lang’ata Road.

Timmy beat up Kush Tracey after he heard rumours Kush was cheating on him.

Kush said she and the rapper did all that for clout and they were never in a romantic relationship.

Born-again Kush

The revamped Kush stands tall, unburdened by the past.

She admitted she did lose a lot of money when she changed her life but she has no regrets.

“I don’t get offended when I see my past music because I am new and not ashamed of my past. I have even lost millions of shillings in alcohol endorsement.”

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