Tanzania nationals arrested with drugs hidden in Juice boxes

Tanzania nationals arrested with drugs hidden in Juice boxes

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations have apprehended a group of individuals consisting of four Tanzanians and one Kenyan at a secret location in Kitengela, Kajiado County.

The detectives arrested Ali Abubakar, Mohammed Kassim, Saad Salim Rosse Paul Tito, and Nancy Munyota due to their suspected engagement in drug trafficking.

An official statement from the DCI indicated that the police apprehended the foreign nationals while they were in possession of substances believed to be cocaine.

The individuals had ingeniously concealed the drugs to avoid detection.

As per the DCI, the individuals had cleverly concealed the drugs by fashioning them into pellets and packing them within empty fruit juice packets.

Furthermore, the authorities detained the Kenyan suspect who they believe had been cooperating with the Tanzanians.

Currently, this individual is undergoing questioning as part of the ongoing investigation.

The arrests are part of the heightened efforts by law enforcement to combat drug-related activities, which have seen a series of successful drug seizures in the past few days.

During the raid, detectives also recovered a digital weighing machine, Ksh 35,623 (USD245), Ksh26,100, Ksh582 (Tsh11,000), Indian Rupees, and mobile phones.

Furthermore, the DCI successfully retrieved the identification documents owned by the four apprehended suspects.

The DCI has been actively pursuing leads regarding drug syndicates suspected to be active not only within Nairobi but also across nearby countries.

Earlier this week, law enforcement officers stationed at a roadblock in Suo Busia County made an arrest when they discovered a driver using a hearse to carry 12 sacks of marijuana.

The traffic police stopped the driver due to their suspicion arising from an unusual odour emanating from the vehicle, prompting them to conduct a comprehensive search.

The DCI has reported that the five suspects are currently in custody assisting detectives with investigations.

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