Mambo ni matatu: President Ruto insists there is no room for the corrupt

Mambo ni matatu: President Ruto insists there is no room for the corrupt

President William Ruto has reiterated his commitment to the fight against corruption in the country, insisting that there is no room for corrupt individuals in Kenya.

Speaking in Kakamega on Wednesday, August 29, the president noted that there are only three options for corrupt individuals.

“We have only three options for corrupt individuals: they must leave Kenya, or they will go to jail, or they have the option of going to heaven,” he said.

Ruto regretted that it was so unfortunate that some individuals were stealing from the people of Kenya, and stealing the future of Kenyan children.

President William Ruto (right) during the launch of the Kakamega County Aggregation and Industrial Park in Likuyani on August 30, 2023. [photo/PCS]

“Kenya has suffered immensely, because of corruption wastage, and theft, we cannot afford to entertain corruption, wastage, and theft in whatever name,” he stated.

At the same time, the head of state clarified that he was not threatening anybody, but he was only outlining exactly what the government plans to do in the fight against corruption.

He also issued a warning to corrupt persons, adding that the Kenya Kwanza administration will not allow the theft of public resources to continue.

“We need to bring all this to a break, all those who are used to stealing public resources, those who use politics to protect thieves, and the corrupt, there will be no place for those people,” he said.

The president also warned politicians and other opinion leaders against protecting individuals involved in corruption.

“I am shocked that anybody in Kenya can defend corruption, can defend wastage, can defend what has made this country go backward,” he warned.

He made the remarks in reference to the collapse of Mumias Sugar Company and other sugar companies in the country due to corruption and mismanagement.

“The sugar industry here has collapsed, because each time the government releases funds to the company it is stolen, instead of paying farmers, we cannot continue like this,” he noted.  

Consequently, the president explained that the government was doing everything possible to protect businesses, business operators, and investors in the country.

“Let us be decent people, let business people do business, let investors do their work, the government aims at creating favorable conditions for businesses to thrive,” he said.

Azimio leaders demand an apology

The present made the remarks two days after Azimio leaders issued a statement, demanding for the president to apologize over ‘corrupt individuals going to heaven’ sentiments.

Speaking during a press briefing on August 29, Azimio leaders faulted the president over his sentiments, arguing that his remarks undermine the rule of law and individuals’ rights.  

The leaders including Kilifi Senator Stewart Madzayo and Kitui Senator Enock Wambua, noted that the president should apologize for the remarks.

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