Lady working in Italy saved Sh. 13M only to return home to find Sh.570 in her account

Lady working in Italy saved Sh. 13M only to return home to find Sh.570 in her account

Glory Omokaro, a Nigerian lady who lived in Italy for 13 years shared her sorrowful experience with her Nigerian Bank. She claimed she visited Nigeria for the first time in 2013 to open a bank account after she made a conscious decision to save in her home country instead of saving it abroad.

In a TikTok video, Glory travelled in 2015 in Italy to search for greener pastures. She worked very hard and started saving money back at home in Nigeria.

She opened her First Bank account in 2013 when she visited Nigeria from Italy in 2013. She opened the account in Benin, Edo State, where she was visiting her family.

Glory saved her hard earned money in the account until it reached a whooping N68Million (Sh. 13 Million) which she hoped to use the money once she finally moved back home to Nigeria.

Upon returning back home in Nigeria, she got the shock of her life after she discovered she has only N3000 (Sh.570) left in her bank account.

Shock, agony and emotional woman after finding out her bank account of Sh. 13M cleared and left with only Sh.570. Photo/Courtesy

I know you are probably wondering and asking yourself how did her Sh.13M move from the lady’s bank account and banks are known be the the safest place you could save your money?

It is understood that in 2021, her ATM card expired, she called the bank manager to help her to renew it, but was told she must be physically present.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, Glory couldn’t make it to Nigerian back then because of the travel restrictions. When she finally made it, she almost fainted only to fins Sh.570 in her account.

She requested her bank statement and it was discovered that money had been moved from her account in multiple branches.

Nigerian woman in shock and disbelief after her money went missing from her bank account. Photo/Courtesy

The depressing story was told by Glory’s brother on Brekete Family Radio.

Nigerians had different reactions to the story:

@Lawrence said: There is always a money trail. Usually movement of such amount requires authorization from a branch manager.”

@Okeoghene commented: “This thing happens my elder brother.”

@jobabutu865 commented: “This is exactly what a Nigerian Bank does, if there is money in an account and no activity in a few years, they think the person is dead and start cashing out.”

@Jimmy commented, “Bank managers busy monitoring dumps account that’s they don’t allow next of kin to claim money 😌😌