Mzungu TikToker goes broke dating Kikuyu lady

Mzungu TikToker goes broke dating Kikuyu lady

Belgian national Neluemrev Knarf, aka Frank Murugi, claims he is broke after dating a Kikuyu lady for three years.

Frank is a 43-year-old polygamous man, who is married to two women, Murugi, a Kenyan and Rahma, from West Africa.

Frank and Murugi

-What happened?-

Earlier in the year, Frank shared memories of him and Murugi during happier times. He is seen showering her with money and pampering her.

Later on in the year Frank and Murugi went through a heated breakup. Frank left the country to be with his other wife Rahma.

Frank showering Murugi with money

Consequently, after Frank left, Murugi and Rahma had a fallout online as to who was the better partner for Frank.

Evidently, a couple of months down the line, Frank has spoken as to who is a better partner.

-How are things now?-

In a video update from Frank, he declared he is broke. In captions on the video, she shares his regrets over the past three years.

“After being with a Kikuyu lady for three years, I am now completely broke” he states.

Screengrab for Tiktok of Frank’s confessions

He goes on further to acknowledge he invested a lot in the wrong person.

Frank and his second wife Rahma

 A Nigerian Tiktoker by the name of Kartia Velino reacted to the drama Frank, Rahma and Murugi have been having online. 

Furthermore, she criticised how African girls run after white men. Moreover, she criticised how they are impressed by “little money.”

Without reservation, it is clear Miss Kartia could have been right about Frank having little money and probably blew it all while in Kenya.

What do you say to Frank for being broke after spending three years with a Kikuyu Lady?