Leonardo Bonucci takes Juventus to court

Leonardo Bonucci takes Juventus to court

Former Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci is reportedly preparing to take legal action against his former club.

The 36-year-old, who had two stints with Juventus between 2010-2017 and 2018-2023, is known for his significant contributions to the Italian giants, securing an astonishing 17 trophies during his tenure.

Additionally, he played a pivotal role in Italy’s victory at Euro 2020 under the management of Roberto Mancini.

Bonucci’s second spell at Juventus came to an unexpected end in August when he terminated his contract with the club.

Leonardo Bonucci
Bonucci won 17 trophies with the Italian giants. [Photo/Courtesy].

Reports suggested that Juventus had informed him that he was not part of their future plans, citing “technical reasons.”

Consequently, he was asked to train separately from the rest of the squad and was denied a squad number.

In response to these circumstances, the Italian football legend is said to be pursuing legal action against his former employer.

“Leonardo Bonucci will initiate legal action against Juventus. Lack of adequate training conditions available to him, damage to image, and professional nature,” reports prominent Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano.

Leonardo Bonucci
Bonucci played a pivotal as Italy won Euro 2020 under Roberto Mancini. [Photo/Courtesy].

They assert that Bonucci endured damages due to the alleged lack of proper training and preparation conditions provided to him by Juventus.

These damages reportedly affected both his professional career and his public image.

The legal action is not seen by Bonucci as a personal vendetta but rather a matter of principle.

He believes that it is essential to address situations like his, where players face similar challenges without the ability to respond effectively.

Leonardo Bonucci
Bonucci was left heartbroken by training and preparation conditions provided to him by Juventus. [Photo/Courtesy].

Furthermore, it has been reported that any compensation received as a result of this legal action will be donated to two charitable causes.

”Any gainings will be donated by Bonucci to Neuroland charity, supporting families of children hospitalized in Turin,” Romano added.

The first is Neuroland, an organization that supports families of children hospitalized in Turin’s Regina Margherita Hospital.

The second is Live Onlus, an organization that donates defibrillators to sports clubs and schools through the proceeds of auctions featuring equipment from prominent athletes.

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