Liberia’s President Joseph Boakai reduces salary by 40% to set new standard

Liberia’s President Joseph Boakai reduces salary by 40% to set new standard

President Joseph Boakai has announced a 40% reduction in his salary.

This was done by Boakai’s commitment to addressing Liberia’s economic challenges and promoting transparency in government spending.

Previously earning an annual salary of $13,400 (approximately Ksh.1.7 million), President Boakai will now take home $8,000 (Ksh.1.025 million) annually.

The initiative comes in response to the growing public dissatisfaction with the rising cost of living in Liberia.

Approximately one in every five citizens lives on less than $2 per day.

President Boakai’s salary cut is also seen as a continuation of the efforts initiated by his predecessor.

George Weah, who implemented a 25% salary reduction during his tenure.

While some citizens have applauded President Boakai’s decision as a step in the right direction, others remain sceptical.

Noting that the president still receives substantial benefits such as a daily allowance and comprehensive medical insurance.

In addition to reducing his salary, President Boakai has pledged to empower Liberia’s Civil Service Agency to ensure fair compensation for public employees.

The commitment comes in the wake of recent complaints from lawmakers.

They protested by arriving at parliament in tuk-tuks, also known as keh keh, due to not receiving their official vehicles.

Since taking office in January after defeating George Weah in a runoff election,

President Boakai has made combating corruption and financial mismanagement top priority for his administration.

President Boakai declare his assets

Joseph Boakai declared his assets and ordered an audit of the presidential office.

though the results have yet to be released.

Furthermore, he has taken steps to strengthen the General Auditing Commission and Liberia’s Anti-Corruption Commission.

Despite the mixed reactions to his salary cut, President Boakai’s actions send a clear message of his dedication to reforming Liberia’s governance.

By taking a personal financial hit, he aims to set a precedent for other government officials.

President Boakai’s move to reduce his salary serves as a powerful symbol of his commitment.

As Liberia watches closely, the true impact of President Boakai’s salary cut will be measured not just by the immediate financial implications but by the broader message it sends.

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